I’ve never been camping. I was in Girl Scouts forever ago, but we slept in sleeping bags in a well constructed cabin. There were bathrooms. We deep fried doughnuts over a little Coleman propane stove. It was a weekend of me and my ten year old peers complaining about bugs.

This last weekend still included complaining about bugs, but it was a small price to pay for finally getting off the grid. I have previously dismissed the fact that I was so plugged into technology. My mind was tired from going, going, going. I didn't realized this until I completely, and abruptly, stopped.

It wasn't like I was doing anything all that important. I sat in a camp chair on a river for hours and stared out at the water. I made fires. I cooked simple, honest food. I read a book about trout fishing and explored the forest. Everything seemed clearer and slower.

I simply allowed myself to be.