San Francisco: I

My work was generous enough to send me to San Francisco a few weeks ago for the Interaction '15 Conference held by IXDA. I'll be writing a separate piece (complete with sketch notes!) to talk about my experience at the conference and my thoughts on the central themes that encompass design work today. Until I get my act together, here are some photos I took while I was running around the city:


Every morning the air is getting a little bit crisper and I pull my comforter a little further over my head. Summer is coming to it's usual early close in the northwest. It was a good couple of months with the sun, but soon the perpetual sheet of clouds will roll in and my ability to wake up early in the morning may cease to exist. Sun, I will miss you terribly. Please come visit me sometime in the winter.

In this time of transition, it's only appropriate that I'm in the midst of a larger change. I'm finally able to rent a house, and I'm in full-on design mode planning out my new living space. I'm also in full-on packing mode, which is significantly less fun, but apparently necessary if I'd like to transport my things from one place to another.

The house is perfectly small. There's a narrow strip of yard along the side, just enough space for planting some vegetables and barbecuing. I'm most excited about having more space for projects. My boyfriend and I live comfortably in our current space, but have little room for much else. Any time a projects begins, half the apartment is covered in materials. Having a dedicated space for such activities will be a luxury.

I plan to be diligent about keeping my house improvement activities documented. I'm often too absorbed and impatient when I begin a project to remember to take before and after photos. It's nice to be able to see that transformation, and if anything, make sure I keep taking pictures.