Balancing creative programming and design

Fluent was a freelance branding project I worked on with two other designers. We rebranded a small digital and development agency in Los Angeles. Their primary work consisted of building apps for infomercial products. The company was looking for a new identity that would attract clients interested in experimenting with developing technologies and design, rather than strictly production work. Our challenge was to make sure their brand could pull in the right customers. We focused on balancing their deep expertise in programming with an approachable, modern aesthetic.

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Starting from Shamwow


When we first flew down, we spent a full day brainstorming with the Fluent team to understand their current company and what kind of work they wanted to do in the future. We ran through a branding exercise to consolidate the perspectives of the three different stakeholders in the company. The four brand attributes we landed on, dynamic, experience, innovative, and professional, helped us focus our explorations and unify our client's perspective moving forward.


A digital agency for the modern age

Below is a sample of my process work, including logo, brand, and identity exploration.


Logo explorations


Corporate design with a modern twist

I explored the classic direction of mixing old with new. Using a more rigid grid structure and vintage color palette evoked a clean, professional tone in this variation of the branding. The modern elements came through use of pattern and imagery. The underscore was used as a foundation for the pattern to connect back to the company's programming origins. Ultimately, our clients chose a more modern direction, in favor of abandoning any ties to traditional, corporate culture.