Submit your story

I am now collecting submissions for the 2015 issue of Return to Sender. The second issue will be focused on migration, moving from one place to another.

Below are the story prompts for this issue. Please fill out as many or as little as you wish and include which prompt you are responding to. The submission form is located at the bottom of this page.

(You do not have to include you name, but if you do, you will appear credited in the magazine for your story.)

1. Tell me about a problem you have run away from and why.

2. Do you still live where you grew up? Why or why not?

3. When or what was the moment you realized you had grown up?

4. Describe a mistake you have made more than once.

5. How do you make a place your own?

6. Describe your last breakup and the consequences (good or bad) of that separation.

7. Name the last five places you've been to over the last day or two. Why did you go to these places?

8. Tell me about the first time you lost a friend. (This could be due to distance, changing schools, a falling out, etc.)